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Captain Kava Dabs 1.5gr

Part Number captain-kava-dabs-15gr
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Captain Kava Dabs 1.5gr
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Captain Kava Dabs (Kava Kava Wax) - 1.5gr

This premium Kava Kava concentrate is CO2 extracted to give you the highest quality legal wax/concentrate available today. Captain Kava is made from superior lateral kava roots, hand and then hand picked from a private Fiji farm. The root is processed using traditional methods and then fast packed for freshness. The end result is a truly astounding honey golden wax-like consistency that outperforms anything youve seen in the industry to date. Made from the highest quality Kava Kava in the on the market.

Unparalleled ultra-high potency for experienced users only!
This is the most potent product we carry!

80% Kavalactones
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Rating Sooo Sickkk!
I have been waiting for a wax to come out! finally a good concentrate. i put this shit in my mouth and my whole face went numb. just like i did a gummer! the effects got me pretty ripped when i hit that shit to. def on point
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Reviewed by:  from Orange County, CA. - 1/23/2015
Rating dabs review
i use this every day after work. its legal, its smooth, and it doesn''t overwhelm
  Did you find this helpful?    19 of 22 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Houston, TX. - 5/22/2015
Rating oooohhhhh weeeeeeeee!
two rips off a globe vape and im gone for the next hour and a half. smooth high. no smell. tastes way better than kratom wax.
  Did you find this helpful?    19 of 25 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from omaha, NE. - 1/15/2015
Rating OSB dabs
really enjoying this purchase. cant say anything bad about it.
  Did you find this helpful?    17 of 20 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from San Antonio, TX. - 5/22/2015
Rating kava dabs review
taste isn''t as bad as i imagined. nice buzz and it lasts a while too.
  Did you find this helpful?    17 of 22 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from pensacola, FL. - 5/22/2015
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