Spice Gold - 10 Pack

Spice Gold - 10 Pack

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Ten 3 Gram Packets of Spice Gold Incense

New POTENT 2013 Blend!

Spice gold is an exotic blend that releases a rich aroma when burned. The plants contained in Spice gold have been used ritually by ancient cultures throughout the world. Spice gold releases a pleasing aroma that is acceptable anywhere, anytime. It is perfect whilst chilling out at home or with friends. The aroma of Spice gold provides an uplifting feeling - stimulating yet soothing - surprisingly effective. Freshness guaranteed!


Baybean, Blue Lotus, Lion's Tail, Lousewort, Indian Warrior, Dwarf Scullcap, Maconha Brava, Pink Lotus, Marshmallow, Red Clover, Rose, Siberian Motherwort, Vanilla and Honey.

Spice Gold is nicotine and tobacco free. Spice Gold contains no chemcials or any illegal substances.