Mr. Nice Guy Incense review

Posted by Administrator on 10/9/2011 to Herbal Incense Reveiws

Mr. Nice Guy is a very good herbal incense product. It scores very high on all the major factors like smell, potency, herbal makeup and the burnability of the product. In its raw form, i.e., unburned form, it smells mostly like tea leaves and gives a pleasant aroma when it is burnt. The smell of the raw form is much appreciated as many of the other products give out an intolerable odor. The burning releases the aroma of the product and creates a very soothing environment.

 The herbal makeup of Mr. Nice Guy Incense has been observed to be made of very light and fluffy herbs. Hence, even a small amount of the product can go a long way and thus gives more value to the money spent on it. It should be noted that Mr. Nice Guy is not made for human consumption and can lead to harmful effects if consumed. Also, the product is not FDA approved and it usually sold as an incense smoke blend. Like any other product, Mr. Nice Guy Incense has to be burnt with sufficient caution and all the normal precautions should be taken. 

Mr. Nice Guy Incense is very popular in its community and is widely available both over the internet and the regular shops. The product is usually available both for retail consumption and for wholesale purchase. Most sellers offer free shipping to please their customers. Mr. Nice Guy comes in a very funny pack which itself symbolizes the effects of the product. There are a large number of people who have tried lot of products and have found Mr. Nice Guy to be a good product and have stayed with it however there are better blends out there and this is the reason we chose not to carry this herbal blend in our shop.